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Trey Ratcliff's Travel Photography Tutorial

This new photography and travel video tutorial has everything you need to both inspire and teach you to expand your creative life!

This is probably the most unique video tutorial I've ever made because I do it in a story-telling manner. The three countries I visited in Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar) have completely different photography situations, so that's why I thought it would be perfect to base a tutorial to follow my travels. That means the seven lessons include packing and equipment, landscape photography, HDR, People and portraits, wildlife, mobile photography, and street photography.

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A look inside the tutorial...

What can you expect to learn?

I spent about a month in Africa in all sorts of environments and recorded all the most interesting parts. You can check out the list of the eight lessons below to see what is covered in over 3 hours of the tutorial videos.

If you get the bonus edition, then you'll also see how I organize my photos and handle DAM (Digital Asset Management) in addition to getting a copy of most photos I share in all the lessons.

As well as all the tech talk, there is quite a bit of inspiration and philosophy about travel and life embedded into the story-telling. There seems to be an increasing segment of my audience that is interested in how a creative life can also be a more zen, present, and loving life. Some people get that; others are somewhere on a path of self-discovery through creative arts.

As usual, if you're not super-thrilled, I'll give you all your money back! So, there's nothing to lose and a lot to gain

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Lesson 1 - Welcome! The Game Plan and Mind Vitamins
Lesson 2 - Packing + Equipment and Travel to Botswana
Lesson 3 - Wildlife photography, Lightroom Basics, Processing, Collections
Lesson 4 - People and Portrait Photography
Lesson 5 - Wildlife Photography and Photoshop Basics
Lesson 6 - Landscape and HDR Photography
Lesson 7 - Mobile and Street Photography

Have fun learning to create images like this!