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Aurora HDR 2017 for Mac - Super Bundle

Aurora HDR 2017 Bundle

Entirely New Version!

Roughly one year ago I partnered with the amazing team at Macphun to develop an entirely new HDR software tool called Aurora HDR Pro. Since it's release over 750+ thousand people have downloaded it. I'm blown away! Thank you for believing in us! We've included a ton of new features based on your direct feedback, plus the team really focused on speed. This new version is FAST! And contains every imaginable tool needed to produce high-quality dramatic images, as well as cool presets and helpful tip videos made by myself.

What's included in the Bundle?

You'll get...

  • Aurora HDR 2017 for Mac
  • 6+ hour Aurora HDR 2017 tutorial by me
  • Sample files to practice with

Now with an all new HDR Tutorial featuring Lisa Bettany!

This entirely new HDR tutorial is perfect for Beginners to Mega Advanced professionals who want to see all of my latest post-processing techniques! Lisa and I discuss our artistic inspirations and challenges, how we compose a shot, our camera settings and much more. You're then transported back to my studio where I slowly take you step-by-step through my latest techniques.

Aurora HDR 2017 System Requirements

Processor Core 2 Duo from late 2009 or newer, minimum 4 GB RAM, OS X 10.10.5 or newer, 2 GB free space on hard drive and a display resolution of 1280 x 800 or higher.

A Deeper Look Inside of Aurora HDR 2017!

What are the New Key Features of Aurora HDR 2017?

All New...

  • Batch Processing
  • Polarize Filter
  • Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • Hue-Saturation-Luminosity panel
  • DNG Files Support
  • Radial Masking
  • Advanced Top & Bottom adjustment panel
  • Signature presets from Serge Ramelli and Captain Kimo

And improved...

  • Tone-mapping technology with reduced HDR noise, improved realism of initial result and faster performance
  • User Interface with a cleaner more modern style

What do I love most about Aurora HDR?

My favorite thing is I can finally do everything I need with ONE tool! I no longer need to rely on Lightroom, Photoshop and a variety of plug-ins. All of the images in the gallery below were made solely with Aurora HDR 2017.

Enjoy, and don't forget to share your new beautiful photos online with the hashtag #AuroraHDR ! :)

Here's a few images I created with Aurora HDR 2017!