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  1. Light Falls Like Bits

    Light Falls Like Bits

    Light Falls Like Bits is an eye-opening memoir, geography lesson, and metaphor… mixed perfectly to create a book that showcases the beauty of the Earth and the power of technology. It was designed by Goff Books, an internationally recognized, award-winning publisher specializing in bespoke architecture, design, photography and art-related books.

    Photographer Trey Ratcliff crosses borders to find beauty—both literally and figuratively. As a pioneer of high-dynamic range technology, Ratcliff uses his digital editing skills to make each photo as stunning as the real-life experience. His images and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of the bizarre situations in which he often finds himself. There is always something new, unexpected and beautiful to see in Trey’s photographs.

    - 246 pages with 100 visually stimulating photos
    - PDF optimized for tablet and iPad display

    Prefer a version specifically for iOS or Kindle Fire?

    Order "Light Falls Like Bits" for iOS (with audio captions)
    Order "Light Falls Like Bits" for Kindle Fire

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  2. Trey's eBook Bonus Bundle (30% Off!!)

    Trey's eBook Bonus Bundle (30% Off!!)

    A bundle of eight of Trey's most popular eBooks on photography and post-processing for a 30% discount!

    Buy all eight, Get 30% Off

    • - Every Bonus Edition Trey Has Written
    • - Light Falls Like Bits
    • - Composing The Photo - Bonus Edition
    • - Top Ten HDR Mistakes, & How To Fix Them - Bonus Edition
    • - Organize Your Photos - Bonus Edition with HD video tutorial showing you Trey's workflow in Lightroom
    • - 10 Essential Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know
    • - The Beauty Of Ambiguity
    • - Introduction to HDR
    • - 10 Principles Of Beautiful Photography
    • - Start reading all the eBooks immediately on your computer, iPad, or Kindle!
    • - Did we mention that you are getting a 30% discount!
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  3. Organize Your Photos - The Three Level System (eBook)

    Organize Your Photos - The Three Level System (eBook)

    Looking to organize your photos? Then this eBook will help you get your digital life organized! This is a problem for me too. I have tens of thousands of photos. Some are personal, but most are landscape photos. Some photos are less than average. Some have potential. Some are really, really, awesome and they bring incalculable pleasure into my life. I make sure that I have my photos secure locally and in the cloud. Since digital photos are a major issue, I’ve worked hard to come up with a system that works for me. I’m happy to share this system with you. (Check out the BONUS version of Organize your Photos which includes a step-by-step video tutorial and free copy of the Introduction to HDR eBook!) Learn More

  4. Introduction To HDR

    Introduction To HDR

    This HDR Tutorial is perfect for new photographers that want to get started making beautiful photos straight away and aren’t afraid to learn! It’s also great for intermediate and advanced photographers looking to add new techniques to their existing skill-set.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have used this tutorial to learn how to make beautiful HDR photos — I am sure it can teach you too! Remember, anyone can do this stuff. All it takes is a tiny bit of curiosity. You will surprise yourself in no time!

    Note: This eBook contains the same information found in Trey's Free HDR Tutorial but in the form of a beautiful eBook that you can read offline.

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  5. Einführung In HDR

    Einführung In HDR

    Dieser Kurs eignet sich perfekt für Anfänger in Sachen Fotografie, die gleich zu Beginn mit guten Bildern einsteigen wollen und sich nicht davor scheuen, etwas zu lernen. Aber er ist auch sehr gut für erfahrenere und sogar fortgeschrittene Fotografen, die ihre Fähigkeiten gerne mit neuen Techniken und Sichtweisen verbessern wollen.

    Tausende haben mithilfe dieses Kurses bereits gelernt, wie man schöne HDR-Fotos macht – und ich bin sicher, er kann auch Ihnen etwas beibringen! Denken Sie immer daran: Jeder kann es. Alles, was es braucht, ist ein kleines bisschen Neugier. Sie werden sich selbst innerhalb kurzer Zeit überraschen!

    Hinweis: Dieses eBook enthält dieselben Informationen wie Trey’s kostenloses HDR Tutorial, aber in Form eines wunderschönen eBooks, das Sie auch offline lesen können.

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  6. Beauty of Ambiguity

    Beauty of Ambiguity

    A collection of Trey Ratcliff's most popular personal stories and essays -- each one has been updated in today's context. It begins with a new essay, "The Beauty of Ambiguity", to help you to better understand your own concepts of beauty and how it can be explored through your photography.

    Over 90 pages of hi-resolution content.

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  7. 10 Essential Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know

    10 Essential Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know

    - An excellent resource for individuals trying to learn Photoshop
    - Step-by-step instruction of 10 essential Photoshop skills (plus a bonus one!)
    - Intimidated by the complexity of Photoshop? You won't be after learning theses basics
    - Before and after images clearly illustrate the power of this essentials tips
    - Bonus Section: Thoughts on Photoshopping

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  8. 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography

    10 Principles of Beautiful Photography

    - 15 Pages of beautiful images and text
    - 10 practical tips and explanations to improve your photography
    - Encouraging Must Read Bonus Section: Hope For Us All, The Decade Of The Artist

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  9. Top 10 HDR Mistakes (Bonus Edition)

    Top 10 HDR Mistakes (Bonus Edition)

    - How to spot and correct the most common mistakes in HDR processing
    - I use 10 of my very first photos in which I made horrible mistakes
    - Will save you years of headaches and searching for answers!
    - For Beginning & Intermediate levels
    - Bonus Edition: Includes extra color correction and selective sharpening pass examples.

    55 pages of tips and tricks.

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  10. Composing the Photo (Bonus Edition)

    Composing the Photo (Bonus Edition)

    A detailed how-to about composing photos
    - Countless examples of the how/when/why of setting up a shot on the scene
    - Postprocessing: the how/when/why to crop your image for more meaning and power
    - Deep discussions on how viewers react to different compositions
    - There is an equal emphasis on composing landscapes and composing people
    - Bonus Edition: Many examples of people/object photography, how to choose the best photo from a “Spray and Pray”, and more sample Golden Ratio crops

    50 pages chocked full of information.

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