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Other Authors

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  • Printing 101 Notebook: An Introduction to Fine Art Photography Printing

    This book is a collection of notes on what it really takes to get a great print.
    • Say goodbye to the frustration of poor quality prints
    • Learn how to get results that are better than printing services
    • Learn how to get prints that actually look like what you see on your screen
    • 90+ Pages
  • Catching The Fire

    No matter your skill level, this book will teach you to see fire performances in a new way, and capture them.
    • For any skill level these techniques will help you to get the best possible photographs from a fire performance.
    • From equipment used, to camera settings.
  • Luminescent World

    This comprehensive, illustrated guide will teach you how to be expressive with your photography and how to cultivate your imagination.
    • Over 108 pages of inspiring photography and Photoshop secrets
    • Detailed breakdown of 25 groundbreaking photographs
    • Easy-to-understand, illustrated information
    • Coverage of both capture and Photoshop techniques
  • Essence of a Place

    A guide to using a shot list for capturing a more well-rounded portfolio of images from any destination.

    • Clear explanation of why you should be maintaining a shot list for each destination or subject.
    • Discover why a well-rounded set of images that more completely captures the essence of a place is essential.
    • Learn the importance of creating a cultural portrait that highlights the unique aspects and key identifying features of a destination.
    • 30 distinct categories of a shot list presented in alphabetical order for easy navigation.
    • Sample images by professional travel photographer Ralph Velasco from such destinations as India, Cuba, Morocco, Cambodia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe, the United States and others.
    • Behind the Scenes description of each image and what Ralph was thinking when he made the shot.
    • Have your friends and family asking you to see your photography, not the other way around.
  • Copyright for Photographers

    Get introduced to U.S. copyright law and other legal issues facing photographers, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the right of privacy, the right of publicity, licensing, and releases.

    • Written by a lawyer who does intellectual property law for a living
    • Will help you learn to avoid common legal pitfalls
    • Understandable (and in English)
  • The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer

    Whether you are a beginner looking to put together a kit, or a veteran curious to see recommendations on the latest and greatest gear, this book covers it all! Enjoy the journey!

    • Advice on choosing the proper gear for landscape photography
    • A comparison of recommended products based on price points
    • Expert advice from photographers who specialize in different types of landscape photography
    • Analysis of different camera formats, and the right choice to fit your style
    • In depth coverage of the "little things" that go into a great kit
  • Time Is On Your Side

    Learn how to take advantage of the long exposure technique to take your images in new directions.

    • 7 chapters giving you all the techniques & gear advice you’ll need
    • A portfolio of how to work with neutral density filters
    • A summary of the most optimal camera settings
    • Tons of photographic examples to gauge your work
    • A workflow mapped inside a checklist
  • Photographing Children Naturally

    In this eBook, Cheryl Machat Dorskind shares her celebrated hands-on, inspirational and personal approach to photographing children in a straight-forward and enjoyable narrative.

    • Camera formats, lens selection, and exposure fundamentals
    • Working with natural and supplemental lighting
    • Moving beyond the snapshot to create compelling portraits
    • Recording the milestones in a child’s life
    • Posing, wardrobe, and rapport tips
    • Photo session strategies and management checklists
  • Ambivert's Guide to Street Photography

    This book will help you better enjoy and understand street photography from both a technical and social perspective.
    • Realize if you're an introvert, extrovert or ambivert
    • Learn why street photography doesn't have rules
    • How to think outside the introverted box
    • Equipment to use as an ambiverted street photographer
    • Learn about other street photographers like you

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Items 1 to 9 of 29 total

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