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Photomatix Presets

Photomatix Presets

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  • Trey's Photomatix Pro Presets - Bundle

    Save 25% with the Photomatix Pro Presets Bundle!

    The presets that come with Photomatix are fairly basic and vanilla treatments, and they just weren’t good enough for me. So I’ve been bending Photomatix in every possible way to try to squeeze the most awesome juice out of it. And I’ve put all that juice into my presets. These will help you feel quite happy and creative while giving your photos a variety of interesting looks!

    Volume 2 includes 27 brand new presets. When you add those to the 23 presets from the original Volume 1, you’ve got a whopping 50 different HDR looks! Both are available together in our new Bundle Package.

  • Trey's Photomatix Pro Presets - Volume 2

    27 Brand New Photomatix Pro Presets

    I figured out a lot of stuff since I released Volume 1. This new set has some real breakthroughs inside. It includes 27 brand new presets.

    Whatever you do, don’t click on the preset called “You’ll Regret Clicking This.” You will. Oh, and there’s another preset called “Facebook Drama” that will make you roll your eyes just like you do when some distant relative posts something insanely stupid. And if it’s the middle of the day, why not try out “Underoos Moist” or if your partner leaves to run an errand, dip into “The Pr0nstash.” You really can’t go wrong with these presets. Scout’s honor!

  • Trey's Photomatix Pro Presets - Volume 1

    Original 23 of Trey’s Photomatix Pro Presets

    These Photomatix Presets will help you feel happy and creative. Your photo will get a very interesting look! Enjoy!

    Includes 23 Photomatix presets from mild to extreme, you’ll find all the variety you need. Presets come aptly named from “Au Naturale” to “Bob Ross Has Not Left the Building.” You’ll edit with a happy little twinkle in your eye. From “Quaint Hobbit Holes” to “Puff the Magic HDRagon,” you’ll make creations that will shock the nearest hippy. From “A Little Sumfin Sumfin” to “Finding Uncle Remo,” you’ll weave digital art that will make all your dreams come true. Well, a few of them.

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