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Aurora HDR 2018 Presets - VOL 1

Expansion Pack - Volume 1 For Aurora 2018 (Mac Only)

NOTE: You must have Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac to use these presets. The Windows version is not supported. This pack was previously known as the Preset Expansion Pack for Aurora HDR 2017.

Hello Internet friends. I use Aurora almost every day, sometimes to process dozens of photos. It completes me. Remember when I used to use Photomatix? Remember back in the 70's when I used to stand up and walk over to the Magnavox to change the channel? Yeah, that was pretty lame.

In the past few months, I've created loads of presets. I thought about releasing all of them, but that seemed to be too silly and information overload, so I decided on my favorites. I actually had a little Google Doc, and whenever I used one, I updated the spreadsheet. Pretty geeky I know, but it helped figure out the best of the bunch.

Tell Me More!

I'll be honest. Every set of photos is different and some of these presets will make your photo look amazing, and others like complete garbage. There, I said it. But listen, I'm an expert in this stuff, and you just can't have a preset that works perfectly in Daytime + Nighttime + Indoor/Outdoor + CutePet. So, some will look amazing, others not so much. But don't give up, next time you might get the inverted results!

Here's a few images I created with Aurora HDR!

Enjoy, and don't forget to share your new beautiful photos online with the hashtag #AuroraHDR ! :)