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Aurora HDR 2019 Bundle (Mac and Windows)

Entirely New HDR Algorithm

How do you follow up from Mac's App of the Year in 2018? That's a tough one but we put our heads together with the team from Skylum and we've done it!

Aurora HDR 2019 uses Skylum's new Quantum HDR Engine. It is a completely redesigned HDR algorithm, paired with artificial intelligence, which took 3 years of development by Skylum’s AI lab. My favorite thing about this new version is you no longer need to make corrections on the initial results because it virtually eliminates noise, halos, and other little issues you often needed to fix. This means you can focus on your creative side. Begin by trying out the new "looks" (formerly called presets, a few of mine are included for free). And try tweaking out the "HDR-ness" of your creation with the new and improved HDR Enhance and Smart Structure sliders.

BONUS: Compared to the standalone Aurora HDR 2019 product this bundle includes my Aurora HDR 2019 Experimental Look/Preset Pack ($19 value) and my Cinematic LUT Pack ($19 value) which will allow you to add some cool movie color grading to your images.

Current users of Aurora HDR may upgrade at a special pre-order price of just $49. Check this upgrade link to see if you qualify.

For a limited time, an extra bonus item is included with every purchase:

  • Video Tutorial: Getting the Most from Aurora HDR 2019 by Trey Ratcliff

How does Aurora HDR 2019 Compare?

What else is new in Aurora HDR 2019?

I'm also impressed with the vastly improved results of interior architecture images. These are often problematic when it's quite bright outside but dark inside. Previous versions of Aurora HDR would handle this in a bit of a sloppy manner. And competitors to Aurora HDR still struggle with interior shots.

Aurora HDR 2019 also includes Lookup Tables (LUTs) which allows you to give your finished image a "movie / film" appearance. They're adjustable with sliders so you can get a little bit, or a whole lot of, that "Wes Anderson / Mad Max / Blade Runner" feel. Last but not least, there's even more dynamic range if you choose to process a single RAW image, which I now do over 50% of the time.

And YES, the Windows version and the Mac version are now exactly the same. Huzzah! Go grab it pronto! If you're not 100% satisfied you can, of course, have all your money back with no worries. It's a perfect risk to reward ratio. In fact, mathematically, it's a 1::infinity ratio, so you're in a cozy mathematical nesting of absolute certainty.

Here's a few images I created with Aurora HDR 2019!

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