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Beauty of Ambiguity

It has been a while since I've written a new book, so I've had a lot of time to synthesize many thoughts. I'm very interested in the idea of beauty and figuring out what are those ineluctable things that can transcend the literal into the beautiful. I began this new eBook with an elongated piece about The Beauty of Ambiguity, which I hope you enjoy. I believe it will help you see a few things in a new way on your own path through photography. Beyond that story, I have also included my favorite collection of the most popular stories and essays from recent years. I've taken the time to go revise them all and put them into a new context.

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About this e-Book

- An extended, new story called "The Beauty of Ambiguity" to help you to better understand your own concepts of beauty and how it can be explored through your photography
- Updated versions of the most popular how-to stories and essays that include everything from "9 Tips for your HDR Brain to Consider" to "HDR: It's About the Light"
- An updated and contextual collection of personal stories such as "The Chernobyl Story" to the first time I spent the day with Hans Zimmer
- Over 90 pages of hi-resolution content.