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Trey's Luminar Presets - VOL 1

Trey's Wildly Unpredictable Presets Volume 1 for Luminar

25 presets. Imagine 25 warm, fresh donuts ready to glaze their way into your donut hole. Awww yeah... I love Luminar so much and figured out a few unpredictable ways to push the controls and create some interesting results. There is a wide variety of filters in here. Some work great with landscapes, some are better with people/portraits, and some are best for architecture.

What is Luminar?

Luminar is an extremely powerful photo editor with many more features than Lightroom (e.g., layers) and is extremely fast and easy to use by all skill levels. Click here to try it today and save a little $$.

Now, you may notice that some of these presets give fairly strong and robust results. Keep in mind that you can take that slider on the thumbnail of the preset and drop it to 80% or 50%, or whatever looks best. Remember the thing about presets: it really depends on the photo you put into it. If it's a bright sunny day, the results of one filter will look completely different than if you are shooting the inside of a dark cathedral.

Also, keep in mind that these presets can be a great starting point. You can still add more vignetting, more saturation, and add other filters... that's the beauty of Luminar!

Enjoy! :)

How the Luminar Presets Work

Here is a before and after of an image I created with a Luminar preset!

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