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Trey's Textures v2.0

170 Unique High-Res Textures

This package contains 170 super-high-res textures, including a ton of new ones from my travels in Africa and other strange-texturey-places around the world. How high-res are they? All of the textures are a whopping 7,800 pixels across (wider than a 36-megapixel camera), so there is more than enough coverage for your photos.

Get the Textures Video Tutorial for just $5 more!

Purchase the Textures Tutorial v2.0 Bonus edition for just $15 more. You will get all 170 high-res textures PLUS a one-hour video tutorial in which I demonstrate the tricks I use to combine textures with your photos to give them that special look. I think you will surprise yourself with what you can create using these methods!

Note: The textures work best in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

A Sneak Peak Inside the NEW Textures Tutorial Version 2.0


Before and After Image Using Trey's Textures

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