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What People Are Saying

"Okay, I've read about composition and studied examples before, but this was outstanding. Reading the book, I was immediately able to identify some past mistakes with photos that didn't quite feel right, and returned to them and re-crop them into far improved compositions. I wasn't bad at composition previously, but my successes were all often done by feel and "rule of thirds", and all too often, RoT just wasn't feeling right. In the future, I'll be using your far superior points to make sure I get the shots I want." - Kain

"This e-Book is well worth the cost, to learn from the wealth of knowledge Trey has on the subject of HDR photography. Each mistake is pointed out using images Trey has created but more importantly, Trey lays out ways to address, correct, or avoid making these mistakes all together! A quick and informative read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore creating HDR images." - Brandon

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