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Trey's Cinematic LUT Pack

Look Up Tables, or LUTs, can be thought of as "Film Looks". Think about some of your favorite movies and how they have a certain color cast. Ones that come to mind are Wes Anderson films like "Moonrise Kingdom" or "Isle of Dogs", orange-ish color movies like "300" or "Mad Max", hyper-real futuristic movies like "Bladerunner 2049" or "The 5th Element", to movies like "Shape of Water" and "Amélie". All of these films share one thing in common, they push the whites and the blacks into new color spaces while moving the curves of other colors in subtle directions. It's all really hard to explain and accomplish, so that is why they are boiled down into these simple LUTs. Get ready for some funky new looks on your photos!

Note: These LUTs work on PCs and Macs, and are perfect for Aurora HDR 2019, Luminar 2018, Luminar 3 and other LUT compatible software such as Photoshop.