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  1. Becoming An Artist - Season 1


    An inspirational new series!

    A new series on art, photography and life. This is unlike anything Trey has done before. Trey begins each episode with a personal story and then dives deep into post-processing back in his studio. He covers composition, color, light and inspiration. He'll show you tips & tricks for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix. We've also included a free trial and tutorial for his new favorite tool, Aurora HDR Pro for Macs (Windows version is coming). If you order Becoming an Artist – Season 1 you’ll get …

    - 14 episodes filled with inspirational stories, photo tips, and post-processing techniques
    - Bonus 15th episode only available when you buy the entire series
    - Trey’s RAW image files you can use to practice with
    - Free trial & tutorial for Aurora HDR 2017
  2. Aurora HDR 2017 Video Tutorial

    Aurora HDR 2017 Video Tutorial


    Trey's Aurora HDR 2017 Tutorial for Macs

    This tutorial is specifically for using the all NEW Aurora HDR 2017 for Macs. Watch a preview now! I created this detailed video tutorial (50+ mins) to show how I use Aurora HDR 2017 in loads of situations! As usual, I begin very slowly, aimed at total beginners, then I move on to intermediate and advanced techniques. If you're still using the original Aurora HDR Pro then you qualify for a special discounted price for the upgrade through this link. Or, if you've never tried Aurora HDR then you can save some money by ordering our Aurora HDR 2017 Bundle which includes the software plus this tutorial. Enjoy, and don't forget to share your new beautiful photos online with the hashtag #AuroraHDR ! :)
  3. Trey Ratcliff's MEGA Pack!

    Trey Ratcliff's MEGA Pack!

    Special Price: $299.00

    Regular Price: $599.00

    Countless hours of happiness and creativity await you… Let this MEGA Pack slam into your soul and set your creative forces afire!

    This has been our most common request, but it took me years to put it together! Now you can get everything I’ve done here, all at once. It’s a super-convenient way to download everything, all at once! :)

    From Tutorials to Presets to eBooks, it comes with an absolute boatload of goodies. Everything is self-paced and perfect for every skill level from Beginners to Intermediate to Advanced. As you’d assume with a package this epic, everything is covered!

    See the list below to see everything this Mega Pack includes:

  4. Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial


    What's New in this Tutorial?

    In this course, Trey Ratcliff reveals 100% new stuff! In the first hour, you’ll know all the basics, and beyond that, you’ll learn an amazing collection of new tricks, workflow, and post-processing techniques that will give your photos a great and unique look. Excellent for any skill level, from beginner to advanced.

    What's Included?

    Trey demonstrates, step-by-step, how he sets up his camera, composes the shot and edits it during post-processing in every possible situation: Indoor, Outdoor, Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-Day, Mixed Indoor-Outdoor, Action, Movement, People, Nature & Landscape, Architectural, Travel, and more. Your purchase includes:

    - 10+ hours of video instuction
    - Trey's RAW image files
    - Recording of Q&A and Critique session

  5. Lightroom Workflow Tutorial - Organize Your Photos


    Looking to organize your photos?

    Updated for 2016 with a new Bonus Tutorial - How to combine two Lightroom libraries!

    Then this package will help you get your digital life organized!

    This is a problem for me too. I have tens of thousands of photos. Some are personal, but most are landscape photos. Some photos are less than average. Some have potential. Some are really, really, awesome and they bring incalculable pleasure into my life. I make sure that I have my photos secure locally and in the cloud. Since digital photos are a major issue, I’ve worked hard to come up with a system that works for me. I’m happy to share this system with you.

    Click here to watch a preview of the video tutorial!

    This tutorial includes:

    • - One hour, step-by-step video tutorial of my photo organization system
    • - NEW Tutorial - How to combine Lightroom libraries
    • - Companion eBook that walks your through each step
    • - Set of RAW images files you can practice HDR with
  6. Trey's Textures v2.0


    170 Unique High-Res Textures

    This package contains 170 super-high-res textures, including a ton of new ones from my travels in Africa and other strange-texturey-places around the world.

    How high-res are they? All of the textures are a whopping 7,800 pixels across (wider than a 36 megapixel camera), so there’s more than enough coverage for your photos.

    Get the Video Tutorial for just $5 more!

    Purchase the Textures Tutorial v2.0 Bonus edition for just $5 more. You will get all 170 high-res textures PLUS a one-hour video tutorial in which I demonstrate the tricks I use to combine textures with your photos to give them that special look. I think you will surprise yourself with what you can create using these methods!

    Note: The textures work best in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

  7. Trey's Textures Tutorial 2.0 (BONUS)


    Trey's Textures Tutorial (BONUS)

    The BONUS edition includes: - 170 super-high-res textures, each is a whopping 7,800 pixels across! - One hour, step-by-step, video tutorial where I will show you all the special tricks he uses to combine textures with your photos to give them that special look

    A special aspect of my tutorial is that it will show you how to make your photos look totally unique, a singular creation of your own. You’ll see that combining multiple textures of your own choosing will make something wholly your own. I think you will surprise yourself with what you can create using these methods!

    Over the years, I am still finding great joy in using textures with my photos. I thought at first it might be a technique of which I grow tired, but I’m often out in the field thinking, “This is gonna be awesome with a texture!” And then I start wondering about WHICH textures I’m gonna use, and I get excited all over again.

    Note: The textures work best in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

  8. Trey's Lightroom Tutorial (BONUS BUNDLE)


    Trey's Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners and Beyond (BONUS BUNDLE)

    SAVE $30! The BONUS Bundle includes: - 2013 Collection of Trey's LR Presets ($20 value) - 2014 Collection of Trey's LR Presets ($20 value) - Capture of the Photo Edit & Q&A Session - Several of Trey's RAW files to work along with

    Do you want to learn more about Adobe Lightroom?

    Lightroom is awesome and fun! It's hard for me to think of a program that I enjoy using more than Lightroom! Not only is it great for organizing your photos, but you can do incredible things to make your photos look amaze-maze!(Plus now that Apple is discontinuing Aperture it is the perfect time to switch!)

    Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to add new tricks to your arsenal, these Lightroom courses will make all of your dreams come true! I recorded all of these on my home system, so you can see my entire setup.

    You'll see how I organize and edit photos in Lightroom, from Alpha to Omega. Everything is in HD and it's ideal for any skill level. Besides learning all the most important tools, I think you'll discover how fun and powerful Lightroom can be!

  9. Landscape Photography Tutorial Series: New Zealand

    An Online Photography Course for All Skill Levels

    Are you interested in learning the latest techniques in making your photos look beautiful? You will see how I set up my camera to take photos, how I compose the shot, and how I perform HDR processing and hundreds of other little tricks to make your photos look prettier.

    Watch a preview of this unique photography tutorial.

    Includes over 4 hours of step-by-step instruction:

    • - 2.5 hours of post-processing techniques
    • - 1.5 hours of live-action shots in New Zealand
    • - Trey's RAW image files so you can follow along
    • - BONUS 2 hours of Q&A with Trey Ratcliff

    Note: The tutorials are downloadable videos that you can watch at your own pace.

  10. Midnight in Paris (BONUS Edition)


    Create Arresting Images with Trey & Miss Aniela

    Miss Aniela and Trey Ratcliff thought it would be exciting to combine her dramatic fine art photography with his HDR landscapes into an intense hands-on photoshoot experience and workshop. Join along as they explore the majestic Château de Champlâtreux in the French countryside with its timeless architecture and many rooms filled with hundreds of years of artifacts, memories and mystery.

    You will learn the secrets of how they envision, prepare, shoot, and process their photos in this excellent new Fine Art Photography tutorial!

    Bonus Edition Includes:

    - RAW working files of Trey's tutorial images
    - Bonus video of Trey discussing photo composition
    - Bonus video of Miss Aniela editing a dungeon photo

  11. Art of Photography


    A Whole New Way to Learn Photography

    I've spoken with thousands of people who -- despite the beginner or even intermediate courses they've taken -- are still confused about the basic elements of photography. It's obvious that many traditional methods of teaching photography just don't work!

    You won't be bored! The series is unlike other courses you’ve taken. The video tutorials are a unique combination of interesting stories, live photo shoots, and step-by-step instructions for editing your photos.

    CLICK HERE to watch Episode 1 for FREE!

  12. BW Product Shot

    Serge Ramelli's Art of Black & White Complete Package

    Special Price: $166.40

    Regular Price: $416.00

    Bring Out your Inner Black and White Artist! When it is done right, images processed in black and white can have a fantastic impact on the viewer. In this course, Serge Ramelli and Kelvin Pimont take us through a massive range of tips and techniques to bring the best out of those images.
  13. Product Image PS for Photographers

    Serge Ramelli's Photoshop for Photographers

    Special Price: $58.80

    Regular Price: $147.00

    A Necessity for All Photographers! When looking to take your art to the next level, a few key processes are critical to enhancing the impact your images create. In this tutorial, renowned photographer and educator Serge Ramelli walks you through aspects of Photoshop which will take you towards this goal.
  14. Product Thumb

    Serge Ramelli's Lightroom CC Complete Training

    Special Price: $58.80

    Regular Price: $147.00

    Serge Ramelli's Complete Training for Adobe Lightroom CC! Join one of the most respected educators in the photography industry for a set of high-quality video tutorials which cover all aspects of Lightroom CC. This course will take you from novice or intermediate user to expert in less time than it takes to fly from London to New York!

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